Hello, my name is Kersley

      I was born in October and I am currently 13 years old. I am hispanic, because both my parents were born in mexico. I love all food except sea food and mushrooms. Pizza can make my day any day! I also really like flowers, because their so beautiful especially flowers on a teal or Tiffany blue back round. My favorite colors are pink,teal,tiffany blue,and mint green.

     When I grow up I want to own a clothing store. Also when I'm 18, I want to work in a bank. One of my goals is to be fully independent atleast by the second year of college. I also have a silly goal wich is to eat a whole box of pizza one day.

   Dylan O'brien is my future husband. My favorite show is Teen Wolf and I think Alison shouldn't have died or left the show. Dylan O'brien stars in Teen Wolf and he's cuter than Scott now. I can't wait till Teen Wolf airs again in June.

    I like Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liers, and starbucks. I also have a 4 month old baby sister that I love so much! Well that's all about me I guess, so I have finally come to a closing.

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