Jacks poems

Musical Devices poem

I am one
I am alone
No one to help me
But an Unknown
I am ready for people to hear
But once again the enemy is near
When I follow
I am awakened by a howl
Then again I realize who the enemy is
The enemy is me hiding inside

Figurative Language poem

Me as an lion

I was here
Like always
Same as a human
but my personality is like
a lion in the wild
And a unique lion
Like always i am different in my own way
I was like a new person in my new way
I was like a Bird flying in the air
I was free

Rhyme scheme

I am Jack
And I'm back
What a great day
My birthday is in May
The spring is here
But the bugs are near
I sleep all day
In the spring of May

Pic lits poem

Family Matters

Free verse

Live Life

I was put on this earth for a reason just like you. Do what you want to do. Don't let anyone get in the way of what you want to say. Life is short the world is short so don't worry about the future because their may not be a future. tough times happy times that ain't a breeze but you got to get through Times like these
Follow your dream. Even though people may be steamed. No matter what you do follow your dream



The birds chirp in spring
At night watching the moon glow
Next morning birds fly


Lone field

the field was so cold
grass ready for destruction
Soon the grass was gone


My birthday

Today is the day
To be at the top and cheer
So today is may

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