Inventions of the Industrial Revolution.
By:Kelsey McGurk


Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876. Alexanders's wife and mother were both deaf which them gave him the idea of the telephone. Telephone was a newer and faster way to communicate with people. The first time he tried to use the telephone was when he called his partner from the other room, and then realized new the invention worked.


Christopher Sholes

After the invention became well known and the typewriter then became very popular. They were used everywhere from businesses and offices to personal reasons.  The typewriter works by printing one letter at a time onto a paper by pressing the keys of the machine.

Light Bulb-1882

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison was not the true inventor of the light bulb he had stolen the idea. The lightbulb didn't work at first and Edison claims he had solved the problem but his version was unworkable. Edison had tried many different inventions to get the lightbulb to work and finally got one to light for longer than 1500 hours.


Josephine Cochrane

Josephine Cochrane was a very wealthy woman who never had to wash her own dishes because she had servants do it for her. She tried of thinking of a faster more officiant way of washing dishes so they wouldn't break. So she decided if no was going to create an invention for it she would do it her self. Josephine measured the dishes and created compartments for cups and dishes. The compartments were placed in a boiler that sprayed warm soapy water to clean the dishes.


Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison was working on the telegraph transmitter when he heard the noise of paper tape that sounded like words. Edison then spoke into the machine that works by a stylus on tin foil, and recorded his own message.

Handheld Camera- 1888

George Eastman

George Eastman wanted to make taking pictures easier for everyone so everyone could use them. Eastman showed off the invention in photographic film rolls. The camera was easily taken around and could be carried.

Gasoline Powered Automobile-1893

Charles and Frank

The automobile was a horse pulled buggy with an transmission, spray carburetor, and an low ignition. This was a new way of transportation but in the beginning very dangerous thing. There were very few people who could afford the automobile.   


Wright Brothers

From their first invention they worked on creating a reliable pilot method. Which because of their other experiments caused the development of the powerful engine. They used home built tools which created the most efficient invention.

Automatic Lubricator-1872

Elijah McCoy

Elijah McCoy worked as an oilman making sure that the train was well lubricated. He thought of a way to save time so the trained wouldn't need to stop as often. He  invented the lubricating cup that automatically dripped oil where it was needed on the train.

Gasoline Engine-1876

Nicholas Otto

Nicholas Otto created the engine that was a large internal combustion four stroke engine. Otto created three other types of internal engines that failed, they were supposed to be used for stationary installations.

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