Technology and Leadership

Technology tools to enhance and streamline the work of instructional leaders.

Tool #1 -- TACKK

I use TACKK as a way to share with my colleagues.  This includes videos, blog posts, articles, and upcoming dates.  Click the link below to see one of the TACKKs I've shared with my math department.  This is a great tool for principals to use to share out important, but also rich, information.  It is very easy to use and to navigate.

Tool #2 -- Google Forms

I've used Google Forms to survey my school and my department regarding professional development needs.  I've also used Google Forms to collect feedback for personal growth after providing professional development.  Google Forms is a useful tool for principals to gather data from staff members regarding various issues.   

Tool #3 -- Twitter

Be a Connected Educator.  Click the link below to see the Twitter account of one of the many educator leaders I follow on Twitter.  I am on Twitter professionally and can not say enough about how it has enhanced my professional life by creating and learning from my digital PLN.  I believe that administrators should use this platform as a way to stay informed, but also engaged with the thoughts and ideas of other educators across the world.  Two hashtags for educational administrators to follow are #edadmin and #eduleaders.  An administrator could use a Twitter feed to share with staff, students, and the community.  In addition to having my own professional Twitter feed, I also created and monitor a Twitter feed for my district's secondary math department-- @SMCPSMathDept.

Tool #4 -- Teaching Channel

Teachers learn best when they can see and hear a classroom in action.  Teaching Channel hosts a diverse set of videos demonstrating great classroom action, but also videos of teachers working with and learning from each other.  It is an invaluable resource for use in a school house or at the district level.  The link below takes you to a video showing innovative coach models.  I've used videos of teachers doing lessons in their classroom, so that teachers might see how someone else implemented the particular lesson.  

Tool #5 -- Google Apps for Education

An administrator should promote collaboration tools such as the Google Apps--Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Chat (and of course a calendar).  This would streamline the work that they do.  Google Chats could be used for meetings in order to eliminate travel time.  Google Docs could be used to create an interactive, collaborative faculty meeting agenda.  Additionally, I've used Google Slides collaboratively with my principal, as there were several of us creating content on the slide show that would be used for our grade level awards assemblies.  I've used Google Docs when unit planning with a grade level PLC.  We were able to curate content for the unit and house the links on one document that we all shared.  Additionally, we are able to comment so that we are all able to see it in real time.