The Land of Cookies

            A simple project made about cookies, by a Culinary student, in high school.

                                                          By: Sarah Lowery

The Drop Cookie

1.) Drop Cookies: a cookie made by dropping batter from a spoon onto a cookie sheet for baking.

The Rolled Cookie

2.) Rolled Cookie: a cookie made by rolling out the cookie dough or is rolled into shapes.

The Icebox/Refrigerator Cookie

3.) Icebox Cookie: a cookie made from a stiff dough that is refrigerated to become even stiffer.

The Molded Cookie

4.) Molded Cookie: a cookie made from a stiffer dough that is molded into balls or cookie shapes by hand before baking.

The Bar Cookie

5.) Bar Cookie: a cookie made from a dough, is typically denser than cake, and is baked in a rectangular or square pan and then cut usually into rectangular or square serving pieces.

The Pressed Cookie

6.) Pressed Cookie: using a hollow tube to hold cookie dough, a plunger, and interchangeable plates with holes of various designs through which the dough is extruded onto a cookie sheet for baking.

             Achieving the Perfect Soft Cookie

    In order to achieve that perfect, soft cookie, you're going to have to exchange your fat. Now, this may sound a tad weird but instead of using butter, you can use shortening instead. You also should substitute the white sugar, for brown sugar. Now, if you are wanting REALLY fluffy cookies, you can exchange your all-purpose flour for cake flour. Soon, you'll have your perfect, soft cookie!

       The Ingredient That Changes Everything

   In my opinion, the one ingredient that can make a HUGE difference in what kind of cookie you have is that fat you use. You have the option of shortening, butter, or margarine. Butter is going to give you a crispier cookie. Shortening will give you a very fluffy cookie. & margarine will give you a chewy cookie.

                       Safety & Sanitation

   One of the most important things about cooking, being sanitary. You don't want to serve cookies to your guests that have tons of bacteria and germs in them, right? Make sure that when you are packaging or wrapping your cookies, that you are wearing gloves! Since you are not cooking these cookies again, the germs will roam all over the cookie. Secondly, make sure your hands are washed very well before you start to make your dough. If you're sick? You should NOT be cooking! But, always wash your hands before cooking anything.

         Wanting to Store/Cool Your Cookies?

    If you're wanting to cool your cookies, make sure they're at least below seventy degrees, so that they will cool properly! Storing them isn't too complicated! Make sure that you have them stored in an air-tight container, and they can last up to THREE months. If you're wanting to be even safer when storing you're storing cookies, you can put the container you used into a freezer bag and then place them inside the freezer.

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