6 weeks to your mental, physical and emotional best

What is TRUE FIT?

TRUE FIT group physical and mental training program will help you push past your resistance. This one of a kind training program combines life coaching, physical fitness, meditation and yoga into one transformational program that is guaranteed to get you TRUE FIT so you can answer your life’s calling. 

With over 12 years of individual, athletic and executive coaching experience, combined with training and certifications in meditation, NAAM yoga, Access Consciousness and CTI Coaches training, Michael Rosenfeld (Coach Mike)has the skills, tools, and resources to help you navigate through obstacles and achieve your longstanding goals.

Coach Mike will lead YOU in 6 weeks to a healthier and fit mind and body.

-Get in shape
-Tone muscles
-Shed pounds
-Work with accountability partners
-Create a focus
-Identify goals
-Develop an action plan to achieve those goals
-Learn breathing and meditation techniques to calm when stressed or anxious

For more information call 305-528-0747 or email to determine if TRUE FIT is right for you.