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FCC Narrowbanding Compliant

The Motorola CP200 radio is the most robust, versatile and cost-effective wireless two-way radio for businesses within the educational, industrial and retail fields. It is compliant with a new FCC regulation called "narrowbanding" that is scheduled to go into effect at the beginning of 2013. The four-channel version of the CP200 utilizes a 438-470 Mhz frequency split. This enables users to send and receive crystal clear messages in even the most noisy atmospheres. The radio, naturally, is programmable for complete customization and provides a usable range perfect for almost any business environment.

The ergonomically-designed channel selector is large enough for extreme comfort and ease of use. Drop-in charging enables customers to completely re-juice their radios in less than ninety minutes despite operating at a consistently high-power level. Offered in either then four or sixteen channel format, the CP200 from Motorola is easy to use and durable enough for even the most rugged industrial environments. The chassis is die-cut and built to withstand the test of time and the elements with its polycarbonate housing.

Electronically the CP200 features a tricolor LED status and battery level indicator as well as industry-standard encoding and decoding functionality. Most retailers offer the radio with a charger, battery, belt clip, antenna and minimally a one-year warranty. Depending on the retailer, programming the radio may be your responsibility or is often pre-programmed at the purchaser's request and specifications for a nominal fee. Although the radio cannot be purchased directly from Motorola, several websites offer the radio at a staggering discount versus typical brick and mortar off-the-shelf prices.

Check for fraud prevention and battery replacement policies before purchasing and also be sure you will have completely control over your radio after the fact. Some retailers cleverly offer "no radio lock out" guarantees but frankly this is an understood benefit and a poor example of faux marketing. No reputable two-way radio dealer would lock you out of your own radio. Additionally, be sure that your dealer will either recondition or replace your battery if problems arise within the first few months.

August 7, 2013 - Motorola recently released a new digital version of this radio. It can be found at:

Be sure to read reviews of any two-way wireless radio before purchasing.

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