by: Michael Schwalm


Hey you! Yea you! Do you like dirt? We’ve got dirt! Mine craft is a game where you can dig up dirt diamonds and coal! You can venture down to the depths of the nether or travel to an island of mushrooms if that sounds more like your cup of tea. You can build a high tech home or a palace of dirt. You can kill zombies or cute innocent animals. There is no end to the possibilities!

In this gigantic endless world there are some things for you to know before you go running around. The thing to know are the Basics, Crafting, Multi-player and Pvp. All of these things are going to be in this Takk if you choose to continue.


The basics are…well basic. Hold w to walk forward a to shuffle left d to shuffle to the right and s to walk backwards. You can double tap w and hold to sprint. Now that you can walk jump by pressing space or hold space if you want to continue jumping. Go look for something relatively like a tree and hold down the left button to break it.


Crafting is an easy part of mine craft…mostly. Press e and put the wood you got earlier in the 2 by 2 slot and shift click the wooden planks. And spread 4 of your planks all around the 2 by 2 slot and shift click the crafting table. Next stack 2 wood planks on top on top of each other and shift click the sticks. For more crafting recipe’s go to minecraftcraftingrecipies.com.


Multi-player is something that took me personally 4 months to figure out. First open up a browser and search minecraftservers.org. There are other minecraft server sites but this is the one you will be using. Find one you like and click on it. Look for something called the ip and write it down. Now open up minecraft and click the multi-player button. Go to add server and do you remember the ip from earlier? Name the server what you would like to and put the ip in the ip area. Now press add server to save.


Pvp is the art of killing people in cold blood. It is very complicated but if you know how to use it you will be spoken of with fear by others. First when in 1 vs. 1 battles sprint around your enemy and rapidly jump whilst hitting your enemy. If your hunting people or they’re hunting you and your under a 2 block high area rapidly press spacebar to accelerate.


Minecraft is a wonderful game and I’ve shown you the basics, crafting, mulit- player and Pvp. The rest is up to you.


Pvp: Player Vs. player

Multi-player: playing with others

Ip: information port

Shift: a button on the key board

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