Narrative Poem, Howard-6, November 4, 2013

Malik with eyes color of dirt,

Malik of long hair and lush,

Malik whose dreads always get pulled,

is a teen with a big reputation,

walking down the hall,

talking to multiple people,

listening to story's being told,

working for trust,

spending time looking through my eyes.

Malik knowing his surrounding at all times,

Helping his friends no matter what it is,

guiding his friends in the right direction,

because they need to be lead back to the path they were stated on.

Malik inside his brain thinks he is just another boy,

inside his heart thinks he is just another student,

inside those shoes he walks in is much more,

is a young leader that will go through so much more trouble in life and problems to fix and guide,

making new solution to a problem that will come up again,

save his self without making the same mistake,

call his friends to talk about there problems,

thinking deeply till his mind goes blank,

dream about shaking of that one time pace.

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