Oregon Ducks

Wesley Duncan

Oregon is one of my favorite teams for a long time,I like them because they are very fast and very skilled.

Oregon has many many championships they have been undefeated for a long time until Florida State beat them in the 2014 NCAA championship.  

The Oregon Ducks football program is the intercollegiate American football team for the University of Oregon, located in the central area of Oregon.

Oregon isn’t known as a historically significant program. Most football based arguments from Oregon fans usually start around the year 1994. And Oregon is most well known for its offense. People all over could probably list a number of Oregon offensive stars.

Quick Facts

  1. The Oregon ducks Offencive and Defensive is  Mark Helfrich.   
  2. Nike is one of the sponsor that give the team free athletic gear every season.   
  3. Marcus Mariota is the starting quarterback on the Oregon Ducks.
  4. All of the Oregon Duck games always end in a double digit number.                     

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