Blood Disorders--Anemia

This is Annie. Her friends call her Anemia Annie. She has been in and out of the hospital most of her life. Annie hates people because she was not treated with love and concern during her multiple hospitalizations. People feel like she should be "used to it now" or take better care of herself. She is often tired, sleeping through much of the day. She enjoys the Twilight series, and this makes her mother happy since it is a normal outlet.

This is Annie's best friend, Pam. Pam also is anemic. However the two girls have different symptoms. Annie is in the hospital all the time, she has required blood transfusions, and frequent lab monitoring including CBC with Diff, Retic and other genetic tests. Pam just has to take an iron supplement, and eat lots of raisins and spinach. She has never been hospitalized. She knows when she's tired it's time to eat some red meat! Annie secretly hates Pam (Frenemy alert!) and doesn't understand why Pam can manage her illness and she can't when they have the same thing. Do they have the same thing?

Dr. Model talks to Annie about her Anemia. Finally Annie can't stand it anymore and tell Dr. Model all about her friend Pam and how she is able live a normal life and how much she is struggling with her diagnosis. Dr. Model tells her that she will inform the nurse to explain her diagnosis to her fully, but that she needs to understand that Pam has Iron deficient Anemia, while Annie has Alpha Thalassemia. They are really completely different and are only called "Anemia" because they are blood disorders related to the the red blood cells.

Annie doesn't take this message well, and begins to have "epitaxis" which looks kind of scary with her Anemia. Because of her frequent nose bleeds she ends up with blood running out of her mouth in an effort not to swallow it. She feels cold and alone, and strange.

Good News for Annie, her nurse today a smart graduate for UNG and also having "Christmas Disease" herself is on the job and ready to help Annie out. However Nurse Jade doesn't really care about her patients anymore, and has been burning the candle at both ends since she was in college. She just goes through the motions and counts down the hours until her shift is done. She could be fired and doesn't care.

However, because Nurse Jade does not care about Annie she gives her over to her student nurse. Kay is a senior nursing student who cares so much about her patient she posts about loving being a nurse on social media about 12 times a day, however while multitasking she is also looking up what is "Christmas Disease" and does that like make you a bad person or something because Nurse just wow. Okay and then like What's up with this Annie patient. She is so uncomfortable all the time, and she has umm basically the biggest spleen in the world. What's the word for that again Spleenmeglee or something? Whatev's-time to get that teaching project done. I need to look up Thalassemia......

Annie is grateful for the teaching, and now hates Pam slightly less. Sometimes understanding your diagnosis is all that it takes to be able to cope with it. She was able to connect with Kay and understands her type of Anemia now. Do you?