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Europe /Crusades        Mr.Burruel      fabian sandoval

         "Some historians see the Crusades as part of a purely defensive war against the expansion of Islam in the near east, some see them as part of long-running conflict at the frontiers of Europe and others see them as confident aggressive papal led expansion attempts by Western Christendom. The Byzantines had been contesting for centuries for territory in the region with mixed success in the Arab–Byzantine Wars, the Byzantine–Seljuq Wars and in 1071 had lost the sparsely occupied plains of Anatolia after their defeat by the Seljuk Turks at the Battle of Manzikert. Urban II sought to reunite the Christian church under his leadership by providing Emperor Alexios I with military support. Several hundred thousand soldiers became Crusaders by taking vows and by receiving plenary indulgences.[2][3] These crusaders were Christians from all over Western Europe under feudal rather than unified command, and the politics were often complicated to the point of intra-faith competition leading to alliances between combatants of different faiths against their coreligionists, such as the Christian alliance with the Islamic Sultanate of Rûm during the Fifth Crusade." -Wikipidea


1.) Why was the Jerusalem important to your group? Jerusleam was a holy city where  Jesus told his teachings and were Jesus was crucified. This was a place were the christians admared because the god was important.

2.) The reason for the crusades bases on your groups point of view? The europeans belived that the crusades had a possibility  of winning land and wealth. So the europeans fought for land that led to war.

3.)The effects of the crusades on your group?The crusades affected Europe in many ways which, increasing on the religion and churches. The crusades also wanted many supplies, building many ships and extended market in Europe. They also brought down the power of feudal aristocracy and gave prominence to kings and people.

4.) Your group's perception of other groups? the europeans where christian , they belivd in god . They would dislike many other groups for one, Jurslam was a group that they disliked they would kill the people because the europeans did it for God.

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