5 tips for Internet Safety

By:Juan Cortes

1.)Beware of what you share !

don't share stuff that you don't want people to see.

Remember what you share, you cant take back.

Don't be dumb cause you'll get caught.


Don't be mean or you wont succeed.

If someone text'es you something bad delete it.

If it happens again tell adult like a parent or teacher.

3.)Username and Pics

Don't put a username that has anything to do with your name.

It would be better if you didn't use a pic of you in your profile.

Don't put your birth year in your username. Ex:Jcortes01

4.)Don't give personal info!

Don't put your birthday!

Don't put the address were you live!

Don't put your real name!

5.)Tell and adult!

If your having problems tell your parents or teacher.

If you think is not save then ask an adult.

Ask for permission before doing something.

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