Rules for Run-ons and Fragments

Anthony & Trisha

What's in a sentence?

Every sentence has at least a Subject and a Predicate; this forms an independent clause

What's a fragment?

When a sentence is missing either a subject or a predicate, it is called a fragment

e.x. "Because I had to." "The brown dog."

What is a Run-on?

A sentence that is not properly punctuated to separate ideas in a sentence is called a run-on

e.x. "I had a great day at the beach it was really fun."

How do I fix it?

Add punctuation to conjoin thoughts. To conjoin two independent clauses, use a comma and a conjunction. If a conjunction is not used, use a semicolon instead

e.x. " The small dog ran to the door, but he ran into it on accident."

"I had a great day at the beach; it was really fun."

A Wrong Fix: Comma Splices

When two independent clauses are conjoined together by only a comma, it is called a comma splice. This is not a fix to a run on sentence. A conjunction must always follow a comma in a sentence is conjoined.

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