My #CUE 15 Session Takeaways-Thursday

First session- We got into a circle and had a twenty person discussion about how we could change teaching so that is was less lecture based.

Scott Bedley talked about giving students choice and talked about how his students love Caine's Arcade.

There was a big discussion about Genius Hour/20 percent time. There was a teacher named Scott Burt who has been trying it for over a year, and has a website to share ideas. Here is his site and Twitter handle if you want to ask him questions.

During Genius Hour keeping kids on task is brought up as an issue - seen as maybe too idealistic for students with behavior issues.

The next session was The Digital Natives Are Restless by Reuben Hoffman and Dan McDowell. They shared a ton of information and I will embed all the links below. They used Socrative and let the audience choose what topics they wanted to explore.