The Fault in Our Stars

By:John Green

Hazel Grace

Hazel Grace is the main character (protagonist) and is fighting cancer. She falls in love with the charming Augustus Waters and is head-over-heels. If it weren't for her parents forcing her into a support group she would have never met the love of her life.

Augustus Waters

Augustus Waters is the antagonist of this book and is deeply in love with Hazel. He looks past the fact she has cancer and is a bomb waiting to go off.

Plot Teaser

Hazel is not the only one with deadly cancer in this book.


The Fault in Our Stars is about a sixteen year old girl named Hazel Grace that is forced by her parents to join a support group. While in this support group Hazel meets a handsome young man named Augustus Waters. They both fall deeply in love and cant live without one another. Little did Hazel know she was the only one that was about to go off like a ticking bomb.

Who would I recommend this book to?

I would personally recommend this book to anyone who enjoys love stories and a good plot twist. This would also be good for anyone who is emotionally effected by cancer because of how touching this book is.

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