Hey Peeps! So maybe at this point for some of you, this might be one the most stressful times of the school year which is taking finals and exams. But for this Tackk I'm going to help you guys out a little bit by giving you some tips for studying and surviving them. So let's get started!So first I'm going to talk about how to survive during finals and examsSo the first thing is to dress comfortable! This is very important. You should dress cute but comfy (or cool and comfy if you are a guy). So for example, you can wear jeans and a T-shirt with tennis shoes. Or maybe a T-Shirt with running shorts and sneakers. And a tip is to bring a jacket with you depending on how cool or warm the classroom usually is. For girls, I suggest to put your hair out of your face some way.  I wouldn't wear jewelery because it could get distracting. You could put on jewelery that you can't see such as earrings. And if you wear makeup, don't go overload. You can put on some mascara, a little concealer, and lip gloss or Chapstick.Next, if you get nervous calm down. It's not like if you fail it's the end of the world. But you should be calm and serious about it. The tests are to see what you know, not to see how many questions you answered incorrectly.Next thing is to be prepared. I'm in middle school, so when I was in elementary school, they gave us two pencils and the other things you'll need for testing. But now, they told us bring our own pencils. Depending on what school you go to, don't think all the time that the teachers have what you need. Last, is to answer the questions carefully, don't be overconfident and say that you will definitely pass the test. If you have straight A's, don't just circle the answer quickly just because you're smart and you already know. Take time to read each question carefully, because if you don't, you might miss out on something.
Ok now on to how to study for exams. And if you'd like to, you could use the tips on my How to Make Homework Easier and Better Tackk.
So the first thing to do is know what skills and categories are going to be on the test.Usually your teachers either might tell you what are some learning skills that are going to be on the test.For example, my Social Studies teacher gave us a paper about the topics that are going to be on the test and the number of questions that are going to be about that topic.Next is to review the things you forgot how to do. This happens all the time to students (especially in Math and maybe Science). So suppose that you forgot how to multiply fractions. You can look it up online. Some good websites are Khan Academy or IXL MATH (you can answer sample questions). Or maybe you forgot one part of the Water Cycle. You can go on Google Images and find some diagrams.And if you plan on studying for the weekend, don't study for the WHOLE time. For example, on Friday for about an hour you can study for your Math exam. Or on Sunday for an hour you can study for your Science final. I understand that it's the weekend and you don't really feel like studying at all, but if you want to do good on them, you should study.  
Ok so that is all for this Tackk. And just to let you know I will not be on Tackk this upcoming week. Because I will doing finals and exams ALL WEEK (which is kind of a tragedy) but I will be back on Tackk next weekendOk so the question I want you guys to answer in the comments is...According to your personality, are you like a cheerleader or a nerd?So Keep Calm, Rock Those Finals and Exams, and Go Infinity and Beyond!

How To Study for Finals and Exams/How to Survive During Finals and Exams