Adrielle Arroyo

Photography Portfolio

White Flowers

This was photo was taken as part of a nature assignment for class. I like the flowers because they were the only bright plant in the area i was in

Rainy Saturday

This was taken near Lake Travis on a very rainy Saturday.


This was taken as this duck was about to get a drink of water.

Nap Time

This photo was taken for a nature assignment. It was taken in the early morning while many of the ducks were still asleep.

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

This was taken a few minutes after a storm had passed. It shows that something "dull" can bring great beauty.



Brother Stuff

I like this because, well, who doesn't want to bury their sibling.

Who Says Food Goes In Your Mouth?

Even though its a bit blurry, i like this photo because it shows how a typical child eats.

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