long island chronicles

by Amber Winstead

     A young man from Minnesota, by the name of Nick Carraway, moves to New York in the summer of 1922 to further is education of the bond business. He rents house in the West Egg district of Long Island, New York, a wealthy but outdated area populated by the wealthy, a group who made their fortunes too recently to have initiate social connections and who are prone to showy displays of wealth. Nick’s neighbor in West Egg is a mysterious man by the name of Jay Gatsby, who lives in a huge Gothic mansion and throws lavish parties on Saturday nights.

Jay Gatsby was pronounced dead last night, at the age of 33. It is believed that he was murdered. George Wilson reported to the police that a few days before his wife had been murdered as well. There are no witnesses to either of the crime scenes yet, but investigators are looking to find further evidence. The only available evidence is that there were gunshot wounds and that he was found in his pool.

Jay Gatsby was born in the Midwest of the name, James Gatz. He was not wealthy at all at the start of his life, which is a huge surprise if you've seen his gigantic . He was a military officer in Louisville and served in World War 1.

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