Income & Career Investigation
Tatiana Chopin
Computer Science-Period 5
Finished March 11, 2014

The results of my vocational choice survey showed me that i am social, realistic and artistic. My three choices from the college career handout were art teacher, police officer, and nurse.

Nursing was one of the three choices I thought I would really want to look into. The link for the requirements needed for this job is below.

A college that I have chosen is Penn Nursing Science University. I have chosen this college because it is in Philadelphia and it is close to where I live. Another reason why I have chosen this college is because they really help their students to do their best and become that job. Penn is a number one graduate school and they are also known for excellent education and hands on practice,

Tuition depends on how many classes I take. Full time per semester would cost me up to $8,045.

A job that I would like to go to after I graduate from Penn is nursing at Temple Hospital. A link is below.

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