Fallonya: The New World Civilization.

"You think you own whatever land you land on, the earth is just a dead thing you can claim, but i know every rock and tree and creature has a life, has a spirit, has a name."  
~Pocahontas (Disney 1995)

Life is never going to follow what you hope that it will, but having a home and a place that you love living makes life more enjoyable.  In the 1995 Disney movie "Pocahontas", Pocahontas understands that people can't just claim everything that they want.  They have to work for things, and that Earth needs to be treated well so that Earth can treat us well.  In Pocahontas's Native American society, all of the citizens had a common set of ideals about the land.  I do not believe that a perfect civilization is possible.  However, I feel that it is possible for a civilization to provide opportunities and nurture those within for the betterment of all of the citizens and the civilization its self.  

Fallonya: The New World Civilization

Fallonya: The New World Civilization is a beautiful island, just off of the coast of the near-by Washington of the United States.  Fallonya is one of the most beautiful places on Earth.  Here you can enjoy beautiful fall/autumn scenery all year long.  The weather is ideal for its residents.  Residents are able to enjoy both warm weather, along with the colder weather that makes up fall/autumn.  Every part of Fallonya works together to make Fallonya the most ideal place to live.  

Come experience the Beauty

Fallonya is filled with natural resources which makes it the most magical place to ever be inhabited.  Fallonya is an island that experiences eternal fall/summer weather on the entire island.  However, to make ideal weather for growing crops there is a large area covered by an invisible dome that is weather conditioned to make sure that the crops have the perfect amount of heat, sunshine, and rain.  Fallonya is roughly the size of Australia.  Surrounding the island are large mountains.  These create a wonderful source of not only natural beauty, but also they form a great source of protection from outside dangers.  However to make trade possible there are openings in the mountains were it is just flat open land.  These openings make trade possible, however there is a downfall with this physical characteristic, this makes getting into Fallonya easy for outside dangers/attackers. All throughout Fallonya there are many different kinds of trees, some of which include fruit trees, carnivorous trees, etc.  These trees form not only great shade, but they also help to provide food for the residents of Fallonya, also they provide a great abundance of homes for the wildlife inhabitants of Fallonya.  Some of the wildlife inhabitants in Fallonya include over 10,000 different breeds of birds (including birds of prey),   there are also many different types of domestic animals (including birds, cats, dogs, etc).  

For the people, by the people

Fallonya has a Democratic Republic Government which means the main source of power lies with the residents of Fallonya, however the citizens have the power to vote a Supreme Power/many other powers into office to help guide and shape the country.  The different offices that people can be voted into serve in is: President (Supreme Power), Vice President (Second Supreme Power), Congress (a group of individuals that help to take the residents wants/needs into consideration when approving laws created by the President and Vice President), Residents (the residents all vote whether or not specific laws would be helpful to them, but majority wins the voting.)  One of the laws that currently is held in Fallonya is the law that premeditated/willful murder is illegal and results in total banishment from Fallonya.   If murder is done out of self defense, then the punishment will be decided by congress.  


In Fallonya the residents practice the religion of Fallonyanity.  They worship one main being known as "Yana."  To show respect for Yana the residents go to a temple of worship every Sunday morning to pay their respects and confess their wrong doings.  The Temple of Worship is a giant tree and it drops leaves every year and depending on how well you take care of the leaf, the leaf will determine how well the following year will be for you. For example, if your leaf is ripped in half, then your year is going to be a bad year at the beginning, but then it can come back together to become a good year.  The Temple of Worship is the main architectural staple of Fallonya. At every Temple of worship there is one head of that temple who is in charge of spreading the messages and the story of Yana to the people of Fallonya.  In Fallonya the residents are required to attend at least two meetings of worship in a month (the calendar consists of 12 months, in total the 12 months have 365 days, withing those 365 days there are roughly 30 days in each month.  The months in order are January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December.)  At these meetings of worship people learn about the life of Yana and all of the struggles that she experienced in her life.  Within these messages there are lessons of hope and how to overcome the bad in life.  Even though Fallonya experiences eternal fall, when religious holidays come the weather changes to be the type of weather that it was when event that we are celebrating happened.  Some of the Holidays that are celebrated in Fallonya include

-Leaf Day: A day where residents receive from the worship tree - the 1st of January (weather stays the same)

-Valentines Day: A day where residents celebrate eternal love - the 30th of February (weather stays the same)

-Forgiveness Day: A day where residents forgive all that have done wrong to them - the 30th of March (weather stays the same)

-Easter: A day where residents mourn the death of Yana, but remember all of the good that she had done in her life - the 30th of April (weather gets warm)

-May Day: The residents celebrate Fallonya - the 30th of May (weather gets warm)

-June Day: The residents celebrate the sun - the 30th of June (weather gets warm)

-Family Day: Residents spend the whole day with their family - the 30th of July (weather gets warm)

-Color Day: A day where residents wear red to in honor of Yana - the 30th of August (weather stays the same)

-Remembrance Day: A day to remember all of the deceased members of Fallonya - the 30th of September (weather stays the same)

-Halloween: A day for children to dress up as anything that they wish - the 30th of October (weather stays the same)

-Thanksgiving: The day of giving thanks for everything that you are blessed with - the 30th of November (weather stays the same)

-Fallona: The birthday of Yana - the 30th of December (snows on this day)


In Fallonya, the main focus is that every resident lives a wonderful.  To do this, we make sure that there are enough jobs for every resident.  To make this possible when residents turn 18 they fill out an application for the job that they wish to have when they get older.  Some of the jobs that people could have are: construction workers, architects, doctors, teachers, law workers, cooks, farmers, shippers, pilots, train engineers, semi drivers, artists, etc. There are many other occupations that residents may choose from, and they are given a full list of all of them, and they select all that apply to them.  The amount of money that they receive for their job depends on how difficult their job is.  Fallonyans are famous  for their leaf artwork.  People everywhere order the beautiful artwork that is completed with the famous Fallonyan leaves.  In order to get these leaves all over the world shipping is very important, so there are many shippers/pilots in Fallonya.  

Social classes

In Fallonya residents over the age of 22 citizens are expected to work at a place of employment.  Since this is most often proven true there aren't that many social classes.  The social classes consist of:

-Children 0-22 (students)

-Adults who make $50,000 - $75,000 a year (Average)

-Adults who make $75,000 - $150,000 a year (Middle Class)

-Adults who make over $150,000 a year (Upper Class)

Every five years of working at a specific job, the residents of Fallonya receive a $5,000 raise.  This means that it is possible to move up in classes.  However, the Middle Class is the largest social class, which means that it would take many years to move from the Middle Class to the Upper Class.  

Average Class:

-Teachers, store employees, jewelers, musicians, hair/beauty designers, actors/actress, insurance agents, etc.

Middle Class:

-Office workers, construction workers, architects, cooks, writers, leaf artists, etc.  

Upper Class:

-Doctors, pilots, shippers, semi drivers, military members, engineers, etc.

the importance of fallonya

Fallonya is famous for its interesting architecture.  Fallonya has old style brick buildings, which make up the main part of Fallonya.  However, some of the most interesting architecture that is located in Fallonya includes buildings resembling trees and climate control domes.  Fallonya has always been well known for its beautiful scenery, but it has become famous due to its creation/foundation of the Democratic Republic Government.  Fallonya used to be ruled under a Monarchy form of Government, however after breaking free from the rule of their leaders, people then went to Fallonya and created a form of government that not only had structure, but would also allow them freedom.  Ever since Fallonya created the Democratic Republic Government, most of the world has taken up this form of government as well.  This has been the major contribution that Fallonya has given the world.  Along with inventing a new form of government, Fallonya has also been responsible for the discovery of an ancient form of writing which lead to a new form of language.  The discovery occurred when residents were wondering through the large mountains surrounding Fallonya, and they discovered carvings along the exterior of the mountain.  These writings lead to a form of writing and language that has been adapted all throughout the world.  This new form of writing and language became known as Fayan.

Fallonya has many public recreations.  Some of these recreations include irrigation which is located within the climate controlled domes, highways/roads which people drive on to get around all of Fallonya, railroad tracks to make transportation faster, Canals to make shipping by boat/ship easier, public buildings for schooling, buildings for places of employment.  


Fallonya is a wonderful place to live.  Fallonya has been responsible for some of the most influential art, religions, government, architecture, and writings and languages.  Fallonya has shown that as a civilization it has what it takes to become a major/important place for people all over the world to live.  Fallonya has been influential in setting the standards for what a civilization should be.  Fallonya will continue to thrive for a long time to come due to its enormity and the successful ways of making its residents happy by enabling them to follow their own path in life.   

by: julia herzberg