Inference from "Cinderella"
By: The Brothers Grimm
Kaitlin Crusenberry

Saying:  "My dear child " she said , "always be as good as you are are now and I promise you will be protected. Although I can't be here at your side as you grow , I will be watching over you.

Inference: Cinderella's mom wants her to know and understand that I want be here as you grow  but I want you to know that I will look over you and be sure you are protected.

Saying: Cinderella's stepmother told her younger daughter to cut off a pice of her heel.

Inference: The stepmother wants her youngest daughter to cut off a piece of heel so it would fit the slipper that the prince had from his mystery maiden. She also wanted her daughter to be royalty.

Saying: The stepsisters constantly abused her with scorn and insults and they teased her and even shook bags of peas into the ashes to make her pick them out again.

Inference: Cinderella's stepsisters teased and bully  her and nobody did anything about it.

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