My Rockin' Summer

This summer started off pretty early for me. It started off with my dad getting me another car, I had sold my first one so he got me a new one instead; being my second car since I turned 16. Right after the school year ended me and my family took a trip to Egypt to go and see our family. I hadn't been in Egypt for two years by then and was so excited to finally go. Going there this year to me was the best thing ever! I got to see my family and friends there who I hadn't seen in forever. It was shocking to see how much everything changed and how things change so fast and my little cousins who are growing up so quick. I had missed my aunts wedding the year before, but got to see her this year and she was pregnant, which was awesome to me because I could always make fun of her and her huge stomach. I went to the beach every single day I could. The best part about it too was that it was World Cup time and even though Egypt wasn't in the World Cup, practically everyone would watch all the games and the atmosphere was just amazing. Everyone would watch the games together in the cafes and it would be really fun. I went everywhere I possibly could, made a whole lot of new friends, saw life from a different perspective and a different way of life, and was taught how to ride a motorcycle and a jet ski, which was awesome! The only bad thing about the trip was that there were many power outages, like it would go out every single day for about an hour; and the plane rides, which were 12 hours going and coming between Cairo and New York alone! We stayed 2 months in Egypt and came back in August. Coming back was hard because we had so much to catch up on and get fixed, and I had tryouts and to get myself prepared for school, but we were able to manage and had time to go on trips to D.C. and Ocean City. I got to drive the whole way on both trips which both was awesome because I didn't have to sit squished in the back, but sucked because we had to stop every second cause one of my 4 siblings had to go to the bathroom or eat or something! >_< In the end I had a great summer overall and am happy to share some of it :) Hope you did too!

Sunset on the Beach in Alexandria

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