We all are equal by birth,then what makes us different? This thought provoking question has surely crossed everyone's mind and its answer may differ but lets just keep it simple to draw out a meaningful conclusion.

This world is a residence of billions and billions of people ;belonging to different origins,cultures etc. Their languages , way of living ,physical appearance varies.So, all these variations should not be considered for a person to be different. You may find this a bit astonishing but if we seek for the elements that distinguishes one person from another we will ultimately come up with interesting theories and conclusions.

If we just rack our brains ,letting the curtains of misconception fall for some time that act as an impediment creating contradictory thoughts and beliefs.Lets divide origin/identity into two categories. First the outer or you can say illusionary identity and the other the inner or real identity ,actually the second one is the more valid,true identity of any being. All other things and concepts seems meaningless when we talk about inner self identity .You can relate this to as an orbit, the field where a person's life revolve around.Now moving ahead what we are going to do is to find the elements /objects that are present on that particular orbit.Centre is the faith ;the firm belief on the creator ,rest include: compassion , loyalty,strength, humanity, gratitude,contentment,determination,endurance,fairness,faithfulness,generosity,gentleness,hospitality,modesty,honour,kindness,originality,optimism,thoughtfulness the list goes on and on anyhow all these attributes including negative ones too obviously cause thats what makes a human.The content and the availability of these elements is what is actually responsible for the difference between people .Every person has been gifted with these qualities  ,the thing which matters the most is  how he/she utilize them . Utilization of what you have been gifted by God is of much importance ,some people don't bother to pay heed to their inner self they feel contented wearing the mask but not all.The problem  

Thoughts in a crystal jar

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