How to Create a Proper Space for Meditation at Home

When we meditate at home, we should do so in a sacred, pure space that we reserve particularly for that purpose. Since meditation is best practiced alone, the space we create for the act should be located away from the busy parts of the home, preferably a space that is not used for anything else.

Burning incense or candles can help us to relax and let go of the stresses of the day. Incense is linked to the idea of purification; burning incense sanctifies the space, inspires us, and opens us up to the treasure that exists within. Seeing a flame in front of us makes us recall the fire of aspiration burning inside of us. As we meditate, we feel this inner flame grow. In addition, by keeping flowers in front of us, we remind ourselves of purity and the inner flower that blooms in each of our hearts.

To respect the space that we create for meditation, we should come to it freshly showered and wearing clean, light clothing that is comfortable and inspires purity.

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