Creating A Caring Classroom

Natalie Brannon


Positive learning starts with learning the students names quickly and getting to know students as individuals. This makes students feel important. For example in elementary schools they have lessons on topics like friendships. In middle or high school teachers focus on teamwork skills, these are some ways to create a positive learning environment.


Respect is one of the most important elements in a classroom. Teachers may not just expect respect from students but show them respect also. Respect in the classroom often is getting to know each other, particularly with those who do not normally interact. Teachers will have group activities to give them an opportunity to work together. For example teacher will number students off and which number they get that is there group. This is a way of mixing everyone up so they can work with different people.

Student involvement

Student feedback is very valuable, students feel their opinions are important. Also helps them develop a sense of responsibility for the classroom. They can share ideas on useful suggestions, teachers build class bonds. Teachers will add free response answers on a test and ask for feedback on the class assignment or project.

Class identity

Class identity is a feeling of cohesiveness that sports teams have, like a team or family bond. These connections grow over time and they can in the classroom also with the teachers encouragement. Classroom routines, traditions, and whole-class experiences help strengthen these bonds. Teachers can make it a rule that everyday when the students walks in they have to speak to their classmates, making everyone feel welcomed like a family.

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