By Will Reynolds

Above is a picture of Laozi, who was the founder of Daoism ,though eventually he left china.  I believe this may connect to Legalism, and the rulers who followed its teaching.  I'm sure that he would dislike the popularity of Daoism.

When Laozi left china on a bull, he wrote a book called "Tao Te Ching" this book contained all of the teachings of Daoism.  This book is very confusing, for people cannot decide on most things, the one thing that people can decide on is that it was written by multiple people.  This book (along with others) was used to interpret ways of life in Ancient China.

Above is a symbol Laozi created that is fairly popular, Yin and Yang.  Yin (The black portion) represents anything negative, while Yang (The white portion) represents anything positive. For example Yin could be fire and Yang could be water

Laozi disliked ruling.  He once stated "If you must rule, rule very lightly." With his rules he hoped he may help make a perfect world.

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