Team 7.3 Omaha zoo tip

Allyson Gage
may 1 2014

the nost is the horn

Biome salt water  common name  unicorn fish scientific name   naso unicorn  home range the Atlantic ocean  

fish                                                                       unicorn fish

1 has fins                                                       1  there eye on side of head                         2 they have gills                                               2 they swim in schools

3 they swim                                                        3        the tail are used as weapons

4  scales                                                             4 smooth skin is disease     


5 the lay  egg                                                    5 they have a horn

they are camouflage

common name  leopard frog         scientific name rana        home northern America                  biome rain forest

frog adaptation  (native to species North America)                                                              

  frogs adaptations                                                    leopard frog  adaptations  

1 they lay egg                                                                  1  they have mast silk

2 they need water                                                         2 they are long tongue

3 they are samey                                                             3   it has 4 chambered heart

4 most live in water                                                        4  they have lugs and gills

5 most of frog have wedfeet                                                  5 they have camouflage


they has scales

               biome desert , common name   Land Crocodile,    scientific name ,Varanus komodoensis      ,habitat and range lndonesian lslands

  reptile  adaptaions                                                                komodo dragon adptations                

1 waterproof skin                                                1 it has scales  

2  some of the reptile live  in  water               2 they do not live  in water

3  they lay egg                                                             3  there  need water

4 they have two lungs                                                 4  they are fast

5  they breathe air                                                      5 they like hot and dry


they are fast

     biome   indonseian  com name ,  rice bird scientific name paddaoryzlvora    home and habitat indonseian

bird  adapatation                                                      java rice  sparow adaptations

1 they fly                                                                            1 the have camouflage

2 they have feathers                                                        2 they eat grass

3 they sing                                                                           3  they are fast

4  they lay egg                                                                    4 they and they wins flat

5   Have claws                                                                     5   they need t0 dic wart         

the cheetah are fast

biome Africa   home and habitat  east Africa common name cheetah   scientific name   Acinonyx jubatus (endangered species)

mammals                                                                  cheetah

1 they have hair                                                      1 they are good  hunting.

2 four-chambered heart                                       2  they like tall grasses

3 they have a developed brain                         3  they have camouflage

4  most for mammals have different teeth    4  they feet make them go fast

5 female mammals nurse their young there milk       5 they have sharp teeth       

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