52 in 52

The albums that mean the most to Ryan Kelly

52 records in 52 weeks

No holding back. These are the records that have been a part of my life since birth. I don't collect vinyl, (I dont even have a record player, yet) but I wanted my son to grow up knowing what albums influenced my taste in music, and why. A feat that is tough to pull off with MP3s.

So, after list revisions-a-plenty, I decided to start collecting only the 52 most influential records in my life, up until the day he was born. Every week for a year, Ill post a new record with a history of its meaning to me, and why I love it. No order necessary either. Just a true account of my musical influences.

I encourage my friends to join in. I think it would be fun to see all my friends influences and why as well! Even if you dont collect vinyl.

Ill start posting on Dec.2nd, and solely on Tackk so they'll all be on the Tackkboard.