Photography Is Also Art

I have always been interested with art and I love it when I'm called an artist. Since I was little I have tried drawing, painting, some sort of creating but I was never necessarily good at it. When I was 9 I had gotten my first camera and I was going everywhere with it. I had taken a few good ones but they weren't amazing. A month before my 14th birthday I had gotten a new phone. The employee had recommended the phone and had also told me that it was great for taking pictures. I was stoked for my birthday beach trip and I couldn't wait to try out how good this phone was at taking pictures. And when I took the picture, I was astonished.

I hope in more terms of this being my job when I get out of high school but that just sounds like a dream that is too good to be true. But with the support of family and friends, I believe I could get there in no time. I just have to believe in myself and work hard. Photography can be a real profession, it's just not as easy to get there. And I am willingly ready to take the long road ahead to fulfill my own dream.

Photo Taken By: Keana Reinosa

~Pandoniam Photography