Harry Houdini
By Luke Laite.

Explanation of why he is famous

Harry Houdini was famous for magic but not all magic. He specialized in escape tricks. Harry worked super hard on his escapes. He would build his body so he could slip out of straight jackets and pick up coins with his palm. Harry did more amazing things like using his toes as fingers or learning to breathe underwater for a long time. Harry performed tricks like the Chinese Torture Cell. In this trick he was locked up and raised into the air and then lowered into a cage full of water. It was amazing trick and has still not been figured out. That is why Harry Houdini is famous.

Harry Houdini summary

Harry Houdini was born in Budapest, Hungary 1874 as Erik Weiss. As a kid Harry did

tricks for pay. At the age of 12 Harry ran away home. In his free time Harry practiced boxing, swimming, and especially running . Harry enjoyed reading about magicians, books actually got Harry hooked to magic. Harry ended up marrying Bess Rahner, who helped Harry in many tricks. Harry soon became incredibly famous, he was earning $400 a week (that is more than most families make in a year). Now that Harry was getting really popular for his magic tricks he bought items that will help him practice. One of the things he bought was a high quality bathtub where he practiced under water tricks. Though sadly all that success had to come to an end. On Halloween night 1926 Harry allowed a college student to punch him in the stomach. Harry was not ready when the blow came and it burst his appendix. Soon after Harry died he was 52. But his legacy didn’t die with him, some people recall Harry as the best magician ever, they even made a museum completely dedicated to Harry Houdini.

Harry Houdini Childhood

Harry Houdini was born Erik Weisz on March 24, 1874, in Budapest, Hungary. One of seven children born to a Jewish rabbi and his wife, Erik moved with his family as a child to Appleton, Wisconsin, where he later claimed he was born. At the age of twelve Harry ran away from home to lessen the burden on his family. While away he ran, swam, and did other athletic stuff. But When he was 13 his family moved to New York City, he then joined them. It was there that he became interested in trapeze arts. He read magic books and knew he was going to be a magician. Soon he was performing card tricks and magic routines. At the age of 17 he became a true magician. He was doing trick with his brother like metamorphisis. Later on he married Bess Rahner and began his great journey in magic. He and bess would do tricks together, and because of Bess’s tiny size it was easy to slip her in tight places.

Harry was born in Budapast, Hungary

Primary source

This image is Harry’s grave stone. This is where Harry was buried when he died. Written on it was Houdini and Weisz because those were his two last names. He was buried in Machpelah Cemetery, New York City. Hiw wife wanted to be buried with him but her parents chose otherwise . This is related to Harry because it is where he is buried and where his body is buried.

Secondary source

Career, successes and challenges

Harry Houdini had some definite life challenges and life successes. In his career he had many accomplishments. One of the biggest was his tricks. He performed many like Metamorphosis, Chinese Torture Cell, and the Milk Can escape. He also succeeded in making a living at one point he was making 1000 dollars a week. Although with many successes come challenges, when Harry was 13 years old he had to run away from home and try to earn money for his family. He also had endure fear, like the fear of him failing a trick. This could be scary because some of his tricks if failed could kill him. In Harry’s life he has had a lot of challenges and successes in life. In the end he came through and made his accomplishments.

Intesting facts

  1. He got married to the same person 3 times(Bess Rahner)
  2. Harry became a professional magician at 17 years old
  3. Harry offered 100 dollars to the person that could successfully handcuff him


”What the eyes see and the ears hear, the mind believes.”-Harry Houdini

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