Movie trailer evaluation

Dark Knight Rises

I thought that this was a very good movie trailer. For the first half of the of this trailer they show clips from the first one fourth of the movie and then go to clips closer to the end of the movie as the trailer ends whilst not revealing the ending or outcome. The clips after the beginnings start to pick up pace and include action and explosions. This appeals to the audience and makes them want to keep watching the trailer. This trailer also did a good job of teasing the plot line of the movie. It showed that Bane had beaten Batman and had started to destroy Gotham, but then at the end of the trailer it shows Batman rising up to face Bane again. It does this without telling us how Batman got defeated and what the final battle between him and Bane happens to be. This part included clips from the end with Gotham being attacked and fights breaking out between cops and thugs,as well with it showing Batman rising up and facing Bane for one last time having the conflict be resolved or have it just begin. All of the clips that they used had thrilling and inspiring clips in it. This leads me to believe the movie will be an action packed thriller. Overall i thought that this was a top notch trailer and when I saw the movie in theaters I thought it was amazing. A Great trailer for a Fantastic movie. This is how i think it should be, the trailer should not contain all the action from the movie. Since that is what most of the trailers seem to be now just putting all the good moments of the movie in the trailer to make the movie seem good. This was not one of those trailers!

Movie Poster Evaluation
Total Recall

This is a poster of Total recall a science fiction action movie. I would say this poster does a great job of getting the viewers attention. It has a picture of what I can only assume is the main actor with little pieces of him breaking off. This make us wonder what is happening to him. Is he literally breaking apart piece by piece, or does this mean that his life is falling apart piece by piece. I believe that this poster does give us an idea of what the movie is about. Obviously we can see that it is set in the future due to how the buildings are made and all of the floating buildings around him, and that Collin Ferrell is the main actor involved in this movie. We can also derive from this poster that there will be at least some action in the movie since he has a handgun in his right hand. This also makes us think that maybe he might be some form of law enforcement or some type of agent. The fact that he is breaking away also indicates that he is probably losing parts of himself or forgetting who he is. So that is why i think that this poster does a good job of giving us some sort of idea of what the movie is about. This poster I think would make people want to see this movie. The fact that he is falling apart brings a bunch of questions to the mind about why he happens to be falling apart. The fact that it is set in the future i think would make people want to see it more, because it will give the movie more originality since it does not rely on infrastructure all ready built in the world. So overall I think that this poster did a good job of getting the movie more recognition and making people want to see the movie.

2 movies one with good merchandise one that would not have good merchandise.

X-Men days of future past, and The Expendables 3

The two upcoming movies that I chose are X-Men days of future past, and the Expendable 3.X-Men days of future past is about the X-Men ensemble to fight a war for the survival of the species across two time periods in X-Men: Days of Future Past. The characters from the original X-Men film trilogy join forces with their younger selves from X-Men: First Class in an epic battle that must change the past - to save our future. Then the Expendables 3 is about Barney, Christmas and the rest of the team coming face-to-face with Conrad Stonebanks, who years ago co-founded The Expendables with Barney. Stonebanks subsequently became a ruthless arms trader and now is making it his mission to end The Expendables. I think the X-Men movie would be perfect to make merchandise for, since everybody knows about the X-Men. They could make x-men Halloween costumes for children, or they could make x-men action figures since kids love the x-men characters. That is why I think that X-men would make great merchandise. On the other hand the Expendables three would not be good at making merchandise. The reason I think this is because all of the expendable movies are kind of dark and violent movies. These types of movies usually don't come out with merchandise because they don't appeal to the younger audience like the X-Men movies do. The Expendable 3 seems like it only appeals to an older more mature audience, while X-Men appeals to all ages of the audience. That is why I think that the X-Men movie would make great merchandise such as action figures and Halloween costumes, and The Expendables 3 would not be a good movie to make merchandise for.

3 Best movie marketing Strategies

I would say one of the best movie marketing strategies is building up the hype for your movie. Like showing trailers of it about a year before it comes out so people become eager to see it and it also give more time for people to see it. Also the more hype your movie has the more people are going to be talking about it and letting other people know when it is coming out and what the movie is about. That is why i think building hype for your movie is one of the best movie strategies to do. Another strategy that I think is good is making a good trailer. The better the trailer the more people will want to see it. The trailer should include some action sequences from the movie not all of them that a lot of movies seem to be doing now days. I think the trailer should be around two minutes long, this way it keeps the audience wanting more about the movie without making them bored by the length of the trailer. That is why I think a movie trailer is one of the best marketing strategies if they make it right. The last but not least movie marketing strategy that i think is good creating movie merchandise. I think that this is a good strategy because creating merchandise relates the movie to the fans more. It makes the fans feel like they are actually connected with the movie. This will create a bunch of revenue for the movie if they make the right things. If the movie is a kids movie they should make toys or Halloween costumes, if it is more of an adults movie they should make movie posters or movie props such at gadgets that the characters used in the movie. That is why I think those three strategies are the most important in movie marketing.

Reaction to 30 sec to Mars

I think that a fair deal between record labels and bands would be to split the profits fifty fifty and the band would only have to pay back half of what they owed to the record label. I also think that if they went into debt that there should be a debt cap where if they go so far into debt, that the debt would stop adding up. That is what i think a good deal would be. I believe artists sign with labels to get promotion and their names out in the world, because without all that promotion it is pretty hard for your name to get around especially all over the world. I think that the new artists realize that the deals will be unfair but they are just so caught up in becoming rock stars that they don't really care about the deal at first. In the thirty seconds to mars I think that the major issue in the movie was that record labels have way too much power over the artists. I mean in the movie the artists could not even write any songs without the record label giving them the okay to share them to people in the world. The record company also basically owned them i mean they were so far in debt that basically every dollar they made was going to the record label. If i was thirty seconds to mars i think that i would make sure i read the first contract thoroughly and made sure that i was not getting screwed if i accepted the deal. I would also probably tell the company that i would only sign i deal that lasted two years and i could renew it if i wanted to so that if i did not like the deal i would not be stuck with it too long and if i did like it i could just renew the same one after two years. That is what i would of done if i was thirty seconds to mars.

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