Henry Hudson

Melissa Chauca 4-407

Famous Discoveries 

Henry Hudson's famous discovery is the Hudson River in 1609 and reached the Hudson Bay which is now known as New York.Henry Hudson saw the Hudson River and found it. The Hudson Bay and Hudson Strait  are found in Canada.

Interesting Adventure

Henry Hudson had an interesting adventure. He sailed to the North Pole, but he failed. Then he went south to New York Harbor. In 1607 Henry Hudson sailed from England to North America. Henry Hudson's route was the Northwest Passage. The Northwest Passage connected the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Henry had three famous voyages and failed his third voyage.

Named After Henry Hudson

There are a lot of things named after Henry Hudson. Somethings that are named after Henry Hudson are the Hudson River. The Hudson River is named after Henry Hudson because he discovered the Hudson River. Some other things named after Hudson is the Hudson Strait and, the Hudson Bay.

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