D.C opposes legalization of Marijuana

By: Rachel Weiner

Published on September 19, 2014

Summary of Article/Story:

This article discusses the "pros" and the "cons" to the legalization of marijuana. Many protests have been held by supporters as well as the disapproving audience of the topic. There are multiple posters, billboards, ads, and more around the community advertising the situation. Citizens in D.C such as Patrick J. Kennedy, the former congressmen, has made it public that he is against the legalization of marijuana. Being someone who has experienced drug use and the bad side of it, explains that legalizing the plant would send a message to the youth saying "it's okay" to experiment and risk themselves to any harm. Some say that "legalizing marijuana will end racial injustice." In a recent poll by Washington Post, 63% favor legalization. Having marijuana be legal would suggest that people over the age of 21 may possess the drug, as well as self-growing 3 plants. However, selling of the drug still remains illegal.

Poll from Washington Post

Ideals That Heave Relation To This Article

Rights and Democracy are linked to this article

The higher power of D.C is enabling citizens of the community to vote for this topic. They want to hear our opinions and thoughts on the subject, so that they can make a decision for the good of the community. By allowing us to be involved and putting the power into our hands shows an ideal of Democracy. Also, as citizens we are guaranteed the basic conditions such as being admitted to speak freely. In this case, the people are protesting and expressing themselves without any negativity directly towards them. Like, the movement created by Will Jones III called "Two. Is. Enough. D.C", this group shows their concern without being directly attacked. This is an example of Rights.

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