Simple Digital Portfolios

Digital portfolios are an excellent way to showcase your artwork and artistic ideas. These collections of creative work are essential when applying for positions or shows. Due to our shortened timeframe, you may create a very simple digital representation of your work this semester. It is up to you if you would like to add more than the requirements.

Your portfolio MUST include:
     * A General Artist Statement
     * A link to your Mural Snapshot

Optional -- Add additional examples of your artwork from this semester. Each example of work should include:
     *  A good quality image of your work
     *  A description of the process and purpose of the artwork
     *  An explanation about why you included this piece

This portfolio will be evaluated for a PROJECT GRADE and must be completed. Use the questions below to help you compose the various parts of your portfolio.

This artist statement should give a general overview of who you are, what you are interested in, and how this influences the artwork you create.

General Artist Statement

  1. Describe yourself, your life, and the most important things that have happened to you. What makes you YOU?
  2. Describe your hobbies and the things that interest you. What do you most enjoy doing in your free time? What do you most enjoy learning about?
  3. Describe what you learned in Art class. What were the most important things you learned? What was the most interesting technique you practiced? Be clear, precise, and thorough.
  4. Describe how these topics interest you and inspire your artwork. What did you most enjoy learning about? What will you use to make your artwork more interesting?
  5. Predict the direction your future artwork might take. What imagery are you interested in using? Are there specific techniques you would like to develop? How do you want to grow as an artist?

Examples of Artwork

Rather than placing images of your work in your portfolio without any information, include a few sentences to explain to your viewer the significance of your artwork.

  1. Describe the techniques and materials you used to create your artwork. How are these techniques similar (or not similar) to the techniques/materials you researched?
  2. Explain WHY your artwork is interesting, important, and worthwhile. Explain why you chose to include this piece in your portfolio.