Second Grade Social Studies
Third Nine Weeks at a Glance

The focus of this nine weeks is on Citizenship, Government, and Inventors.  Many of the mentor lessons are written in the Readers' Workshop format however, there are several that will need to be taught during the mini-lesson for several days to fully teach the content.   The Examples of Good Citizenship Lesson and The Inventors lesson focus on key people identified in the Social Studies TEKS.  The mini-book offers a great way to keep the people organized and help kids remember why the people are important to our community.  The Teacher Created Material Readers and the I Spy cards from Law Related Education are great resources to focus the learning.

The Government and Rules lesson builds on students' previous knowledge from the first nine weeks.  Now students will get a better understanding of the roles mayors, governors, and presidents have in running our different levels of government.   Students will also learn about the responsibility of voting through the reading of Grace for President and Duck for President.  Both can be found in campus libraries if you don't have your own classroom copy. These lessons tie nicely into the Presidents' Day Holiday in February.  

Finally, students will continue to work on map skills using the Nystronaut Altas.  They will focus on finding the US in relation to the world and also researching the regions of the United States.  

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Did you know?

Abraham Lincoln is enshrined in the Wrestling Hall of Fame. He was an avid wrestler, said to have participated in hundreds of matches and only losing once. He even trash-talked in the ring.

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Textbook Adoption Update

There is still time to submit your feedback on adoption materials. You should have materials from Pearson and Teacher Created Materials. As a team, please evaluate the resources and provide us with your feedback. Textbook Committee members are meeting with the publishers this week and can use your input in our discussions. If you have additional comments regarding the resources, please send them directly to Meridith Manis.

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Please send us pictures of the great things you are doing in Social Studies. We love highlighting what you do to make social studies both fun and meaningful!