Social Studies Updates

Keeping NRMPS' Social Studies Teachers Informed

Current through November 26, 2013

NC DPI Social Studies Webinar - Tuesday, December 03, 2013 3:30 – 5:00 PM. The webinar will focus on inquiry in the social studies and the implementation of problem/project based learning. Reading assignment for the webinar Eight Essentials. Click on the following link to register for the webinar

Discovery Education Social Studies Techbook for U.S. History (Civil War to the Present)...Available to teachers now through June 30, 2014. To get started, teachers with an existing username and password for any of the Discovery Education services can log in and access the United States History (Civil War – Present) course from the My DE Services drop-down menu. If you do not have an account with Discovery Ed notify D. Rigsbee.

Two-Day Planning Sessions for Middle School Social Studies Teachers Conceptual Teaching, Unpacking Standards, & Resources will be addressed.

  • Wednesday, December 4, 2013 3:00 - 4:30 pm at Edwards Middle School (Media Center)
  • Thursday, December 5, 2013 3:00 - 4:30 pm at Parker Middle School (Media Center)
  • Additional sessions are planned for early Spring.

N.C. Final Exams Update:

Testing Window:

N.C. Final Exam is a paper and pencil exam to be given at end of semester or year (for year long courses); Will count a minimum of 20% of student's final grade in high school (School Board will decide weight to be given at December Board meeting). Multiple choice items will be scanned locally and answer sheets will be delivered to the state to score Constructed Response items. According to DPI's testing and accountability staff, NC Final Exams have been revised; all factually-based items have been removed. More stimulus have been added, and there is more reading in multiple choice questions.

Testing Code of Ethics now applies to NC Final Exam.

Item Types: Learn more about the number of multiple choice and constructed response items by clicking here

Revised Assessment Specifications for Social Studies have not yet been posted (keep checking at

Frequently Asked Questions about the NC Final Exams click here

Are you interested in becoming an item-writer for the Social Studies NC Final Exams?If so, click this link: so that your contact information can be added to the item writer database. For questions about item writing contact Jerrie Brown

Honors Implementation Review Information

Honors level courses will be reviewed by NC DPI. There is a 3 year review process involving 3 cohorts. Review of the first cohort of 40 LEAs is taking place 2013-2014 school year. NRMPS is not included in the first cohort. Review of second cohort will take place 2014-2015; LEAs included in the second and third cohorts will be notified soon. List will be posted on NC DPI wikispaces. If you teach honors level Social Studies courses, everything you need to know about the review process is on NC DPI's wikispace. The website contains the Honors Implementation Guide, webinars, and additional resources. Review and discuss in PLCs. Click the link below.

Reminder: We have shifted from teaching Social Studies Topics to teaching Concepts. Concepts reflect those Enduring Understandings/Big Ideas that transcend time. Goal: To prepare our students to be Literate in the Social Studies.

Analyzing Student Work (ASW) Pilot - Process to collect data to populate Standard 6 for educators teaching non EOC, EOG, CTE, NC Final Exam courses. DPI is seeking World History teachers and 7th Grade Social Studies teachers to pilot ASW. If you are interested contact Jennifer DeNeal at or call her at 919-807-3288.

New National Social Studies Standards are aligned with NC Essential Standards. The C3 Framework (College, Career & Civic Life).

Celebrating Teachers. Consider nominating colleagues for the following

North Carolina Council for the Social Studies (NCCSS) Awards

  • Outstanding Social Studies Teacher of the Year (Winner receives a $100 check & a chance to present at state conference)
  • Student Teacher Scholarship $1000 Scholarship- for undergraduate student in NC who will be student teaching in social studies in 2014 or 2015.
  • NCCSS Teacher Grants - up to $1000
  • Outstanding Senior Social Studies Award for graduating students. Each year schools may select one graduating senior to receive this award. It recognizes excellence in social studies, leadership skills in class discussion, enthusiasm for and knowledge of the social studies service to school and community, good citizenship.
  • NC's Senate Youth - Next Year's Applications Available August 1, 2014

National Council of the Social Studies Awards

  • Outstanding Social Studies Teacher of the Year (For full-time classroom teachers; winners receive $2500, one-year membership in NCSS, up to $500 in transportation/lodging reimbursement to attend the Annual Conference, etc
  • Award for Global Understanding given in honor of James M. Becker to a social studies educator (or a team of educators) who has made notable contributions in helping social studies students increase their understanding of the world. (Winner receive among other things $2000 cash and up to $700 in transportation/lodging reimbursement to attend national conference.
  • Grant for the Enhancement of Geographic Literacy created to promote geography education in school (Winners receive among other things $2500)
  • FASSE (Funds for the Advancement of Social Studies Education) Christa McAuliffe Reach for the Stars Award- a $2500 grant to help social studies educator make his/her dream of innovative social studies a reality.

Beginning Teacher Support Session will be held January 15, 2014 from 2:00-4:00 pm at Teacher Resource Center. First and Second Year Beginning Teachers are expected to attend.