Your adventure begins NOW!!!

Excperience the culture of Indonesia

Indonesia is located in Asia, ( 120 E, 5 N) It is neighbored by Thailand, Malaysia, Australia and the Philippians. The country is surrounded by the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.  The vegetation includes over 40 000 types of flowers and more than 3000 tree types. There are many different elevations in Indonesia one being Mount Tambora. Depending on how high up you are the climate will range from 20- 30 (c).


Your real life excperince

If you want a real life experience you may want to start off with visiting The Buddhist Temple of Borobudur, that way you will get a feel of the culture. If your there in time you could visit The Bali Arts Festival or The Jakarta Fair to help improve your cultural experience. So get into your Kebya and put on some Arumba music and step on over to Indoneisa.

Help out in Rural Indonesia

As part of your experience in Indonesia you will get a chance to change one of the 246.9 million people living there. You will be taken to rural Indonesia and live with a family, there you will get the opportunity to help grow crops, build a livable home and be the extra hand that families need. "Your  Adventure begins NOW!!!"

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