Tang Dynasty

Map of Tang Dynasty

Information on Tang Dynasty

The Tang Dynasty was built around 600 A.D. and ended around early 900 A.D. The last dynasty in China before the Tang was the Han Dynasty which was built in 400 B.C. and then went until early 200 A.D. The next dynasty that will come after the Tang is the Song dynasty which started in middle 900 A.D. and went until 1200 A.D. This roughly around the time that the Tang Dynasty took place.

Influence on Japan and Korea

The the Tang Dynasty had the Japanese and Korean cultures borrowing ideas from them when they were in China. The Tang used Buddhism and some Confucianism for religions. They had  a writing system and they still had a very clean respect for nature. The Silk Road was still a very big part for China and the Tang Dynasty. It helped the Tang move westward and it also connected other cultures such as the Muslim and Byzantine Empire. 

Contributions of Tang Dynasty

Some contribution of the Tang Dynasty were the spinning wheel and a type of writing system known as block printing. Another big addition was the mechanical clock which was run on water and could tell the time of day for the Chinese. Another huge contribution is Porcelain. This was used to add a little artistry to vases and plates back then. If people could get there hands on Porcelain in the Silk Road they were very lucky. The two biggest contributions was the compass and gunpowder. The compass was huge for the Tang to create. This would help them for which way to go when they were on the Seas. Gunpowder was a very nice addition that they made. One of the ingredients in making gunpowder which is a little odd is pig manure. The only thing was they didn't really use it for battle, but for celebrations and customs. They would use the gunpowder as a type of firework.

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