The Invention of the Typwriter

Jordan Gidley

Life Before the Typewriter

It was a much simpler, more painful time before this invention was introduced to the masses. All thing printed were constructed on a printing press, and everything else wass still hand written.  

Introduction of the Invention

There were plenty of ideas about the typewriter throughout history, but the first really successful model was created by Christopher H. Sholes. It was deemed the Sholes & Glidden typewriter, produced in 1873 and marketed in '74. This introduced the still used QWERTY style keyboard.

Evolution of the Typewriter

1714- H. Mill patents the idea for a typing machine

1855- G. Ravizza creates the scribe harpsichord

1808- P. Turri creates a typewriter for his blind love

1867- At this point, several functioning prototypes were created

1874- Sholes creates the first commercially successful typewriter

1914- Power operated machine was created

1970-1980- First word processors were created

Changing Life for the Better...

The invention of the typewriter seemed to speed up all aspects of life. The typewriter allowed for more efficiency in shorthand, hence the use of the machine by women secretaries.

... and the Worse

Though they are obvious, there are drawbacks of the typewriter. Scribes and copyist lost their jobs, many of them turned to forgery. Also, more trees were cute down to produce more paper for typing.

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