Asch Experiment

The Asch Experiment was designed to test how peer pressure to conform will influence the judgement of others. Eight subjects were seated around a table. Only one participant was an actual subject, the rest knew what was happening. Each subject was asked to answer which line was the longest out of three. Some incorrect responses were purposely used to determine the peer pressure. The control group got 34/35 answers correct, while under 2/3 of the incorrect groups had correct answers. Peer pressure can cause conformity.

I think that this was a great experiment. It proved that peer pressure exists and effects the choices of others. Something as simple as changing your answer for the size of a line can predict that others would conform to social pressures like drugs.  This teaches us a lot about social pressures and to be more aware about what could happen. This experiment can relate to the Milgram experiment, which could result in a re-occurrence of WW2.

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