Best Schools For Getting A Master Degree

In today's highly competitive age, it seems that a bachelor degree is not enough. No matter if you graduated as a bachelor of the arts or sciences, top companies today demand a higher degree of competency and qualifications from their employees. The obvious thing to do is to get a master's degree in business administration (MBA) but not all of us are business-oriented or minded. Getting a master degree today is good to have if you plan to take your career to further heights but don't think that only an MBA degree will bring you future success. Here are some schools and programs that might appeal to your interests.

Master of Technology in Enterprise Business Analytics (MTech EBAC)
National University of Singapore – Institute of Systems Science

It might sound like a different take on an MBA but rest assured, this postgraduate degree is much more relevant especially if you're in the IT industry. This program is for people who are more comfortable in dealing with computers, systems, and data, but lack some academic fundamentals to be promoted to expert positions. Unlike a typical MBA degree, this program focuses on business analytics and its different areas such as data mining, business intelligence, and more.

Master of Logistics Curtin Singapore

Supply chain management doesn't get that much attention since most young people think this is an industry for old people. However, with those old people retiring, it's smart for a young person such as you to get a master degree in logistics so you'll have an instant advantage over the next generation of fresh graduates.

Forget the negative perception on the logistics industry. Firstly, it is a challenging and financially-rewarding industry. This is a career path where you can use your creativity and be paid huge amounts of money for it. Second, loyalty assures you job security. How do you think the retiring managers got their healthy pension checks? Last, this career has a lot of travel opportunities. Since it is a transnational industry, you'll be sent to different parts of the globe.

Master of Aeronautical ScienceSingapore Aviation Academy

If you want your career to literally achieve new heights, the aviation / aerospace industry is the place to be. This is one of the best programs to get if you're interested in aeronautical science as Singapore Aviation Academy offers six unique and specialized options that focus on different aspects of the industry. You can master on spacecraft or aircraft development, manufacturing, or operation and gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry's infrastructure as well.