The Travels Of Marco Polo – Facts About The Man, The Journey And The Book

Imagine what the time was like in the 1200s...

People didn’t really understand or even know what the world was like. Many parts of the globe were generally unknown and people really weren’t aware of the existence of other countries, cultures and continents. Being a sailor was presumed to be one of the most treacherous jobs in the world. The notion prevalent was that the world was shaped like a saucer unlike the reality of it being a round globe. Existence of forces like gravity was completely unheard of. People in fact believed that if you go far enough near the edge of the planet, you were in danger of falling off the face of the earth!

In times of such ignorance and misinformation, times with such misgivings about the world and the adventurous opportunities it offers, a man rose to the fore and took the challenge of exploring the world. His name was Marco Polo.

The great traveller has been hailed as the most adventurous and biggest pioneers of world exploration that history has ever seen. He wrote a book called ‘The travels of Marco Polo’ – a text that became an inspiration and reference guide to help explorers for many generations to come. He was the first travel write that the world got to see and actually developed the concept of earning from your journey/travels. The facts about his early life have been fairly unknown but the later aspects of his life, especially related to the journey he made to China, are pretty well known.

Let us explore some interesting facts about Marco Polo and attempt to understand the traveller a little better. Some of these facts might even be relatively unheard of!

• Marco Polo had actually written his amazing book when he was in prison, serving a sentence in Genoa. He chose to utilise his time there to record all the aspects of his amazing journey.

• Very few people know that The travels of Marco Polo was actually co-authored by another man - Rustichello da Pisa – an Italian romance writer who was also a prisoner with Marco. Rustichello was in fact his cellmate during Marco’s stint in the Genoan prison.

• Marco Polo actually dedicated his book to Rustichello da Pisa, because he had greatly helped him in penning down his travels.

• Polo actually ended up greatly describing the Silk Route to China. The book soon became the only reliable European source about the China and was published in French, Italian and Latin languages.

• Polo's descriptions eventually wound up influencing Christopher Columbus who actually took a copy of his book when he set out to find a new and better route to Asia.

• Polo was not the first European to travel to the Orient but high end experience and detailed description of the journey certainly established him as the most celebrated traveller of all time.

• Polo grew to bear the name "Il Milione" because he was considered to be a great storyteller of his time.

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