I feel like gambling

Wanna split the winnings with me?
(of course you do)

Come October 1st I'm gonna spend 104 dollars to subscribe to the Mega Millions Lottery for one year. Every Tuesday and Friday I'm gonna have 1 ticket in the pot. Unless I get some help.

I already have 5 friends willing to each throw in 104 dollars of their own money. That's awesome! That means for splitting the possible jackpot 5 ways, I get 628 chances instead of 104! Woooo! Not bad!

But if someone out there wanted to lend even more help...

Here's the skinny. Lottery pools are too much work. I'm gonna let New York State do the work by forming a group subscription with them. If you want to increase your odds of winning a lot of money while paying less than you would normally, email me at 6052733@gmail.com and we'll talk.
Don't worry, this is LEGAL.

I'm doing this with or without your help.
..But you should help.

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