Ender's Game

By Orson Scott Card

Orson Scott card also wrote the Pathfinder Series and the Lost Gate series.

BATTLE SCHOOL SPACE STATION This space station orbits earth and trains cadettes.

This book takes place at the space station battle school, (above) the command school on one of the bugger home world moons, and on the "futuristic" earth. (they never said what year exactly it was)

Ender is a boy who's logic and intelligence are beyond any others. The world rests on his shoulder's. As Ender is lured into an all out war between the human race and the buggers. At age 6 he joined battle school and learned to fight  in the battle room. At age 10 moves on and showed well enough to skip 2 years of battle school training, only to be followed by skipping tactical, strategy and pre-command school, and joining Command school. In total skipping 5 years of training. Earth's only hope is for Ender to become the worlds greatest commander ever known and if he succeeds, to make Ender a true war hero, that will echo throughout history. Ender Wiggin. The war hero. After he graduates from command school. He learns the real truth.Skipping ranks in the army was the only way to train Ender in time and stop the buggers from raiding Earth. They were running out of time. Their worlds are at war. The bugger home planet is dying, dying for a new world. After they found earth, Mazer Rackham saved Earth from the first alien invasion, but in the process, lost his own life. Mazer Rackham was the worlds greatest war hero. Is Ender next in line?

I would give this book a 4 1/2‚Äč because it could have been written a little better, but I was still attached to it alot.

resource: endersgamemovie.com

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