Religion In The African Empires

Islam was the religion of majority of the Africans.

In many regions of Africa Islam had gradually substituted itself for traditional religion.

The religion in Africa also had an affect at the cultural level, especially the way they spoke their language.

Obey the will of Allah

Allah is their supreme God. "Allah" means "God" in Arabic.

Muhammad was a man believed to receive revelations from God. Muhammad claimed to be a prophet of Islam.

Follow the five pillars of Islam. Charity, Fasting, Pilgrimage, Prayer, and Faith.

Charity- Giving charity to those who deserve it is part of Muslim character.  Tax to benefit the poor and the needy.

Fasting- The fast of Ramadan is the central of Islamic faith, During the month of Ramadan believers are not allowed to eat, drink or smoke during the daylight. In the last days of Ramadan the believer are to spend the most of the daylight reading the Koran (Holy book of Islam) instead of working.

Pilgrimage- There are two types of pilgrimage, hajj and umra. The major difference between them is hajj is at a specific time, it is at the 2nd week of the 12 month of the Muslim year. However umra can be done at anytime.

Prayer-  A daily prayer is done everyday in a sanitary location. It's preceded by ritual cleansing and the sequence of kneeling, bending , standing and saying the prayer in Arabic and for those who can't speak the language are to repeat the phrase "God is great".


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