The Cheetah

The fastest mammal on Earth


A Cheetah normally measures between 44-53 inches in length with its  tail typically measuring between 26-33 inches long. Cheetahs usually weigh about 110-140 pounds and live to 10-12 years of age. It is estimated that there are 9,000-12,000 Cheetahs left in the wild. While Cheetahs were once found in Africa and Asia, they are now confined to parts of Eastern and Southwestern Africa.


Cheetahs thrive in areas where prey is abundant and prefer to live in open spaces such as semi deserts, prairies and thick bushes. In Namibia, Cheetahs are found in the Grasslands, Savannahs, dense vegetation and mountainous terrain. Ninety five percent of Cheetahs live on commercial farms.


Cheetahs shelter in dense vegetation of grassland Savannahs. They also shelter in mountainous terrain, commercial farms, bushes, medium length grass, trees and small hills. Cheetahs need lots of prey in their habitat to survive and reproduce.

Biological Relationship

Cheetahs are Apex predators. A Cheetah can be prey or a predator as lions and eagles sometimes prey on cheetahs. However, Cheetahs are usually predators themselves and are mainly carnivores. A Cheetahs favourite food is Gazelle and they also enjoy antelope, impala, deer and other medium sized grazing animals. If this food isn't available they will feed on rabbits, frogs, birds, lizards and eggs. Although they are carnivores they can eat fruits such as watermelon.

Life Cycle

The Cheetah cub is the beginning of a Cheetah's life cycle. At birth the Cheetah cub weighs between 150-300g and has black spots. When a Cheetah is 2 months old it opens it's eyes and sees the wild for the first time. At 4 months old it can walk by itself and at the age of 6 months it stops drinking from it's mother and eats real food. A cub leaves it's mother at 18 months to form sibling groups that stay together for another 6 months. The female cubs leave their sibling group at 2 years old, while the males remain together for life. For the following years they will hunt,sleep and reproduce.

Food Chain/Web


The Cheetah's biome is African Grasslands or Savannah.

Interesting Facts

  • The Cheetah is named after an Indian word meaning "spotted one"
  • The Cheetah is the fastest land animal in the world.
  • Early people trained Cheetahs for hunting.

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