Take it if you want to go to the planet!

Fluorine can be used for more than just rocket fuel.

Fluorine can be used for rocket fuel, toothpaste, medicine, as a weapon, and many other things. Fluorine has highly reactive properties so it makes the perfect rocket fuel! Fluorine also has properties to help fight cavities, which makes for great toothpaste. In medicine, fluorine acts as a buffer for the medicine in a pill. It lengthens the time between ingestion and digestion so the pill can do it's work. Fluorine is highly toxic, so you can give it to enemies to take 'em down. A dose of about five or ten grams is enough to kill a human adult! So, are you ready to pack your fluorine and go to Desolatopia?


Boiling Point: -306.62

Melting Point: -363.32

Location On The Periodic Table: Upper right hand corner

Group Number: 17

Period Number: 2

Other properties: Most reactive and electronegative element, highly corrosive,

  • Biological Need: TOXIC. WILL KILL YOU IF YOU GET IT IN YOUR BODY. Though, in little amounts, it can help prevent cavities (as shown in fluorine treatments) and can help with medicines.
  • Social Need: Not all that useful for trading, though it helps make pretty glass windows! You can trade that!
  • Functional Need: You need to get to Desolatopia somehow, use fluorine's rocket power to get there!
  • Defensive Need: Very deadly so, even though it's not good for you, it has the potential to be a very deadly weapon!

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