3D Printing

I chose 3d printing because i really liked making objects and houses in sketch up.

I chose it because my dad is a engineer and he makes things like this

I want to learn how to create things that can help people and make life sort of more easy and advanced

i wouldnt want to have a job like this because it would be hard creating each day and making it smaller

day 1 introduction

I am planing on watching the videos and understanding on how to do it and learn what to do and reading how to do it and figuring out what to create that i can test and make it funcional

day 2 further introduction

I am working on making my boat and looking up how to make the first layer of boat and make it sort of curved to make it not flat on the bottom because boats have a curved point on the boat.

Day 3 Working in sketch up

Today i am trying to create my speed boat and I had forgotten to take a step by step picture to show u but basically i created a big rectangle and created the side of the boat and pulled it and pulled the rectangle back to only leave the boat shape then i  made the boat more 3D by making a inside where a person would sit and a steering wheel.

day 4 making details

today i have been making more details by making it look more like a speed boat.giving it some boxes as if its a storage area and then i have a tail on the end of the boat as a control thing to tilt the boat and make it move (what it does on actual boat)

day 5

still creating it and making sure all the things are ok adding me detail and looking at pictures to see what to add to make it look very similar to a boat i had seen before in google and try to make the dementions more similar to and actual size.

day 6

watching videos and finding out if google sketchup is the normal sketchup and seeing which video is best and understanding all the things i need to do.

day 7

trying to understand the videos on 3d printing and seeing what types of models are functional and easy to create  

Day 8

i still am trying to find out if the versons on sketch up matter with the one im using now because it all looks differnt

day 9

now im trying to turn my sketchup into a differnt file to make it go through the 3d printer and sending it to mr turnet and looking up how to move it to a google email.

Day 10

i found out how to send my stl file to the teacher to get it 3d printed  i would if i could change anything would want to change the  inside of the boat instead of making it circular chairs and looking weird with just normal ones.

Day 11

i'm now watching my model print and seeing all the lines and how it moves back and forth and how the wires of plastic go through a tube.

day 12

i created this model to test and see if it could stand with the waves and not fall or sink.

its a small model for a real boat i would change the steering wheel and how i curved it because the 3d printer had a little hard time doing that but other than that it went very well.

i expect that the boat will float over small waves but not big ones and may sink because it may have little holes

day 13

Now today i am trying to allow my boat to float and test to see if the boat will sink or how high of waves it can handle without sinking and seeing how much weight it can hold and how to make it move with a breeze

Day 14

we put coins on the boat to see how much it can hold and we created little waves to test if the boat will go over the waves

i would want to change the width of it and make it larger and it be a little thicker on the curved part to make it stand the water because on the original it would some what put little bits of water and tip down

Day 15

i want to create a bigger version of the boat and make it more thick and see if it could make it with  more coins on it without sinking and seeing if it will move more because it it bigger in length and thickness.

day 16

My project turned out pretty good and it was fun to make it with the 3d printer and .I would want to as i grow up that is similar to this is to work at a hospital or a vet clinic and try to create things that may help out with the dissecting and medicine on how to organize it or making it so that its easy to give the animals its medicine.

If i could of picked a second project i would have done rube goldberg machine because it seems that its a lot more easy than the 3d printing and a little more exciting because you get to try and figure out how to make something happen when you try to lift a golf ball or make a marble move and hit something else. I just personally think that it would have been a lot more fun.

I learned how to make a 3d model from scratch move and become a object in real life, I learned from videos that i had to make my model a components and then move it to a stl file export it onto a computer program and then send it to my teacher which put it on a program so that it would connect to the 3d printer and start printing it with either red or whtie plastic.

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2 years ago

looking great dude keep it up advice put alittle more detail into your project make sure you research a little more.