Things I Like

I like cats. They are my favorite animal and I have about 4 of them at home. I like this picture as it reminds me of one of my cats, Smokey.

My Favorite Candy

My favorite candy is Hershey's Chocolate. It is one of my favorite candy of all time.

My Favorite Color

Even though I liked all colors, Pink remained as my favorite.

My favorite Mythical Animal

The Dragon was always one of my favorite types of animals from mythology. I always thought they were awesome.

(One of) My favorite Foods

I always enjoyed Mexican rice. I first had it when I went to a Mexican restaurant in a little plaza called The Village.

My Favorite Item

I absolutely love my computer. I play it every time I can. I even stayed up all night a few times just to continue playing. I play a wide variety of games on it.

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